Types of Clients Serviced by Crawford CAD Services:


Cabinet Makers

Do you have your own designers in house but the business is so busy you could really outsource some of the design work to ease the pressure on your staff? We can do as little or as much as you require.

If you don’t have your own in house designers, we would be happy to draw/design on your behalf. You can see in the ‘Portfolio’ tab on this website what our standard set of concept drawings consists of. This is just one example, if you prefer to only provide 3D perspectives to your clients, we are able to provide that service.
The drawings we provide can show your business logo to present to your clients.


We understand Architects have the potential to design cabinetry within all arenas of the marketplace. However, if you are over loaded with work or would prefer to engage us to assist with the kitchen/laundry/bathroom/wardrobe design; or any bespoke cabinetry your client may require, we would be happy to discuss any potential work and can be involved as little or as much as you need.

The drawings we provide can show your business logo to present to your clients.

Interior Designers

If you prefer to spend your precious time with clients or on business development than in front of a computer drawing, please do not hesitate to engage our services. We can draw anything you desire leaving you free to make better use of your time.

The drawings we provide can show your business logo to present to your clients.

Spec Builders

If you send us a copy of the house plans we will design and draw a kitchen consisting of a floor plan, elevations and 3D Perspectives, working with you (if you wish to have an input) to get the design and materials right.
We can then provide a couple of quotes so you are aware of the kitchen cost and can factor it into the build cost. It is entirely up to you who you use for manufacture and we can make suggestions should you require.

Design & Build Builders

We are happy to work with your client directly on kitchen design and then put them in touch with a manufacturer to complete the process.
We can also do laundry, bathroom, wardrobe and entertainment cabinetry; should you or your clients require.

Renovation Companies

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are a specialist area; we can design and draw cabinetry for these spaces and provide you with drawings to present as part of your whole package to the end client.

General Public

Are you wanting to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or Laundry? Perhaps you want to place some cabinetry within your wardrobe. We can work with you to create concepts for any space you want cabinetry; and then put you in touch with manufacturers to see the job through to installation. Or we can just provide you with drawings and they are yours to do whatever you wish. We can do as little or as much as required and no job is too big or too small.